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Water bowls for those thirsty chirpy birds

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The summer season has just begun but the rise in temperature has been phenomenal and its almost a heat wave in the first week of march. We humans have many lifestyle products to get away from the heart but for the those chirpy birds water is the only source to cool down and hence many citizens have come forward and put up water bowls for those flying guests.

May it be balcony of their home, or be the roof top, the garden a small bowl of water will help save many lives.

Sanjay Ladhad, a passionate bird photographer has put water containers in Vaccine depot, which is nothing but used plastic bottle and to his amazement not only birds but even squirrels are drinking water from the water container at Vaccine Depot. Sanjay said, birds need to drink at least thrice a day and their feathery ablutions too – bathing and preening are essential to keep feathers in good condition. He said that all people should place bowls of water wherever possible. Even if you don’t like birds, this is the cheapest and most convenient way to do your bit for the environment

Water container kept at Vaccine Depot
Water container kept at Vaccine Depot

bird water2

Ladhad, after placing the containers, had been visiting the spots everyday in the morning and could click photographs of birds and animals drinking water from the containers.

Wildlife activist Jaideep Siddannavar, who has also passion for photography, has designed special containers which can provide convenience for the birds to sit and drink water properly, apart from having bath. He has put several such water containers and food grain containers at his farmhouse at Desur, about 10 km from Belagavi. And the magic worked. Several species of birds, even rare ones have started visiting his farm on regular basis.

bird-water1Animals are forced to wander long distances only for drinking water. For people, placing a small container of water around their residence is not a big issue. He has called upon the people to consider such practice by placing water bowls so that the birds can have a longer life span, Siddannavar added.

Dehydration is one of the primary reason for the drastic decline in the birds population, according to experts and most of the time a simple bowl of water for the birds will save them.

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