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Belgaum Loksabha constituency history

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In the continuous coverage of the elections of 2014, here are other bits of history for the Belgaum constituency.


NA – Data not available        NE – Does not exist                               NC – Not Contested              UC – Uncontested                                         


Well many would say what there is reading all this history, but we have to learn from history and it is very essential that we know who was our MP and by how many votes he won.

 Many would just scroll through the data here but data interpretation is very important.

 Some excerpts

 The Average voter turnout has been 60%.

 Highest voter turnout was in 1999 which was 66.97% & lowest in 1991 of 52.29% .

 Margin of winning on an average has remained in between 8 to 11% on one occasion it was 33.94% in 1980.

 From 1989 to 1998 the voter turnout was very less and also during the same time the border issue was on a somewhat high gas. 

On an average if there is 60% voting person getting more than 35% will surely win, but all this is dependable on the candidates. This time we have to see what happens.

 The Congress is yet to decide on the candidate, if A.B.Patil is not given a ticket he might stand from the JD(S) Ramangouda Siddangouda Patil will contest on the BSP ticket.

 If we see as on date BJP has a leading edge as there are no good candidates in the ring. Nomination will begin from 28-Mar-09 and by 08-Apr-09 we will have the complete list of candidates.

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