Campaigning for Loksabha already commenced in Belgaum

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autocongressThe city of Belgaum is currently seeing hoardings of all sizes with messages from political parties and on the lead is the Indian National Congress with its most likely candidate who is trying hard to get a ticket namely Laxmi Hebbalkar who lost the assembly election in Belgaum Rural last year. 

Sources say as much as Rs.30 lakhs have been spent on hoardings and posters stuck behind Auto rikshaws.
The Congress was the first to stick the posters behind the autos and now the BJP has followed suit and has posters of Narendra Modi, while Congress has the photo of Rahul Gandhi.

To many it may seem the elections are almost here but they are atleast 2 months away but each party is now trying to impress the voters.
The best part is even social media is a buzz with activity and all pages are being run by hopeful ticket aspirants in various names such as Progressive Belgaum; which is nothing but the page of Dr.Anjali Nimbalkar who recently joined Congress and is now aspiring a Loksabha ticket from Belgaum.congress belgaum

When it comes to BJP things seems to be somber with not much hoardings as of now.
A major advantage of commencing the campaigning now is the expenditure incurred is not calculated in the candidate’s expenditure, and hence each candidate is trying to woo the voters and get upto him with these huge hoardings before the model code of conduct is put in place.

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