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Muttappa C Angadi is AAP candidate from Belgaum

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Muttu Angadi aap

MuttappaAngadi, or Muttu as he is publicly known among his friends and farmers across the Belgaum district, is a young lad from the rural areas who chose agricultural entrepreneurship as his profession. Facing the same routine economic problems that affect our rural youth to pursue education, he helped the district to turn green with his business of spreading and distributing agricultural technology, tools and resources. His efforts helped the district farmers to enhance productivity which significantly improved their living standards, making him a favourite among the farming community. Hand in hand with his agricultural enterprise, Muttu has also fought against the corrupt practices of government officials affecting all people in the district. He had led an anti-corruption drive at the District Hospital and local government clinics.  Young and energetic MuttuAngadi has also been the face of the AamAadmi Party in the district and well respected by his volunteer team. He has built a team of youthful volunteers and senior citizen in his support. 


12 thoughts on “Muttappa C Angadi is AAP candidate from Belgaum”

  1. What is the profile and background of this AAP candidate Muthappa Angadi. I know AAP is capable of only Municipal corporation elections and the issues. Is this individual wasting India’s time.

  2. The Country needs a liberal, non-influenced, non-corrupted and a transparent govt like the AAP. We have seen other major parties BJP and Cong literally money making devices for themselves.

  3. Sir,
    The AAP candidate may be a little known person but the party has achieved a lot in its infancy. There are only ‘yes boss’ or chamchas in so called national parties like Congress and BJP and both these parties are working in tandem, like- if I come to power you scratch my back and if you come to power i ‘ll scratch your back, as such there is no alternative for the general public.

    The intentions of top leaders of AAP are beyond any doubt and they are transparent. The party is giving a stiff fight for the Cong-BJP alliance in Hindi belt. Let’s give it a try.

    Even if the AAP wins only few seats, there is no doubt that it will emerge as a national party.

    So let us hope ‘COME 2019’

    Francis F


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