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Why you should vote for Muttappa Angadi of the Aam Aadmi Party

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Muttappa C Angadi belgaum aapMuttappa Channasangappa Angadi

Party: Aam Aadmi Party

Education: PUC

Age – 39

Occupation: Business

PAN: Yes

Cases- Nil

Assets: 94 lakhs + (includes inherited 31 Lakhs +)

Liabilities: 15 lakhs +


Muttu as he is publicly known among his friends and farmers across the Belgaum district, is a young lad from the rural areas who chose agricultural entrepreneurship as his profession. Facing the same routine economic problems that affect our rural youth to pursue education, he helped the district to turn green with his business of spreading and distributing agricultural technology, tools and resources. His efforts helped the district farmers to enhance productivity which significantly improved their living standards, making him a favourite among the farming community. Hand in hand with his agricultural enterprise, Muttu has also fought against the corrupt practices of government officials affecting all people in the district. He had led an anti-corruption drive at the District Hospital and local government clinics.  Young and energetic Muttu Angadi has also been the face of the AamAadmi Party in the district and well respected by his volunteer team. He has built a team of youthful volunteers and senior citizen in his support.


Why should the electorate vote for your party?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎Because of the swaraj ideology which gives the power back to the citizen.

Is there anything specific that you will contribute to the city of Belgaum, if or elected?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎I will work for the betterment of the basic needs of Belgaum liek, railway over bridge, public toilets, civil hospital, and up-gradation of each primary health center in the dist. Which I feel is the need of the hour to solve the traffic chaos and when done it will also save money of the citizens which in turn will help in more savings.

What has been your greatest contribution to Belgaum till date?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎I have been fighting for sugarcane prices with and for the farmer for years now. I had also taken active role in the Kalasa Bandoori nala andolan. The farmers are the backbone of the country and we must protect their interests.

This region has been relatively ignored as compared to south Karnataka, how will you change the trend?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎IT, BT has always been on papers, we want to make it a reality, we want to develop tourism, ‎setup SEZ for all sectors of industries, setup world-class vegetable market in Belgaum. People may see this as huge promises but no, all these things are happening it is only that it needs to be channelized in a proper manner to get more revenues.

What qualities in you make you a special candidate?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎I find myself very close to the farmers due to the seed business I am in from the past 20 years, I am calm and composed and understand the real pain of the farmers.

According to you are there some factors which would go against you?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎No, I can’t think of anything.

Would you like to commit something to the electorate?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎ Same as answered in the previous questions.

What are your plans for the young ages which are migrating to other cities like Bangalore, Pune etc?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎Lack of infrastructure for IT companies is causing companies to either move to these metro cities, solving the IT park and SEZ will eventually solve the brain drain from here. Also the need for encouragement for entrepreneurship is very important. Its not about getting a job but giving a job to someone.

What are your plans for beautification of Belgaum marketing of Belgaum to attract tourist, to increase local business etc?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎Improve rail, road and air connectivity, renovate, rehabilitate, reconstruct historic monuments. Th Belgaum Fort can be and must be restored to its glory. We are part of the golden quadrilateral and very strategically placed with equidistant from many metros which we should harness to create more employment.

What are your thoughts on making the Meters compulsory for Autos?

Muttappa Angadi ———> ‎Yes, the meters should be made compulsory, there are many other factors affecting, due to which the Autos are not willing to move ahead with the meter structure, a government should address those as well.


5 thoughts on “Why you should vote for Muttappa Angadi of the Aam Aadmi Party”

  1. I appreciate that atleast he felt it necessary to answer. but would like to know further what exactly will be his plans on improving connectivity and beautification. What will be the policies he would discuss and try imposing during his reign on IT/BT issues .. not only AAP but I guess all parties/individuals asking for votes should provide us with their blue prints with regards to their promises. we the people of belgaum want to not only know what you r promising but how will it be implemented/provided.

  2. oh nice talks Mr. Muttappa Angadi,the person who was the chief minister Mr. khejriwal he himself couldn’t do anything 45 days of the post just he did was big big talks which you are doing the same now. Dear belgaumites please think twice thrice and many more times before voting for AAP think and give your precious votes which will help for the betterment of India not betterment of the candidate itself……………………….


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