Angadi makes a historic win with a margin of over 391304

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Suresh Angadi has been reelected as the Member of Parliament for Belagavi and has won with a thumping margin of 391304votes.

Suresh Angadi secured 761991 votes in his kitty. He was followed by Dr.SADHUNAVAR of the INC who secured 370687 votes.

Angadi got 63.22% of the votes while Dr.SADHUNAVAR received 30.76% votes.
This is not final tally and there could be minor adjustments in values. 

angadi-winIn the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Angadi Suresh Channabasappa of BJP won in this seat by defeating the INC candidate by a margin of 75,860 votes which was 7.03% of the total votes polled in the constituency. BJP had a vote share of 51.40% in 2014 in the seat. There were a total of 15 contestants in 2014.

 CandidatePartyEVM VotesPostal VotesTotal Votes% of Votes
1ANGADI SURESH CHANNABASAPPABharatiya Janata Party756986500576199163.22
2Dr.SADHUNAVARIndian National Congress36994474337068730.76
3GANESH M DADDIKARIndependent8150181510.68
4BADRODDIN KAMDODBahujan Samaj Party557417657500.48
5DILSHAD SIKANDAR TAHASHILDARRepublican Party of India (A)40442440680.34
6VINAYAK BALKRISHNA MOREIndependent4064240660.34
7RATHOD SHANKAR PANDAPPAIndependent3298032980.27
8NOTANone of the Above32062732330.27
9KRISHNAKANT KAMANNA BIRJEIndependent2396123970.2
10GOPAL BALAWANTRAO DESAIIndependent2366223680.2
11GAJANAN AMRUT TOKANEKARIndependent2298122990.19
12MANJUNATH H RAJAPPANAVARUttama Prajaakeeya Party21131521280.18
13RAJU CHANGAPPA DIVATAGIIndependent2029020290.17
14ASHUTOSH S KAMBALEIndependent1920319230.16
15SHANKAR PUNNAPPA CHAUGALEIndependent1874218760.16
16SACHIN SHANTARAM KELAVEKARIndependent1564015640.13
17KAVITA DEEPAK KOLEIndependent14761414900.12
18RANJIT KALLAPPA PATILIndependent1455114560.12
19ONKARSINGH BHATIAIndependent10381110490.09
20KALLAPPA KRUSHNA KOWADKARIndependent1028010280.09
21SUNIL VITTAL DASARIndependent95019510.08
22DHANANJAY RAJARAM PATILIndependent90849120.08
23ANAND RAMESH PATILIndependent90419050.08
24ANIL BABAN HEGADEIndependent84688540.07
25UDAY TUKARAM NAIKIndependent82368290.07
26VINAYAK GOPAL GUNJATKARIndependent82118220.07
27RAMCHANDRA KRISHNA GAONKARIndependent82008200.07
28SACHIN MANOHAR NIKAMIndependent81628180.07
29NAGESH SUBHASH BOBATEIndependent70267080.06
30UDAY KUNDARGIIndependent70327050.06
31SHUBHAM VIKRANT SHELKEIndependent67006700.06
33MAHADEV MARUTI MANGANAKARIndependent64126430.05
34PRAKASH BALAPPA NESARKARIndependent63716380.05
35PANDURANG MALLAPPA PATTANIndependent62916300.05
36MARUTI SIDDAPPA CHOUGULEIndependent61036130.05
37LAXMAN BHIMARAO DALAVIIndependent59625980.05
38NANDA MARUTI KODACHWADKARIndependent58845920.05
39SHRIKANT BALKRISHNA KADAMIndependent57915800.05
40BULAND DEEPAK DALVIIndependent57335760.05
41PRABHAKAR BHUJANG PATILIndependent55825600.05
42LAXMI SUNIL MUTAGEKARIndependent53945430.05
44LAXMANRAO SOMANNA MELGEIndependent49735000.04
46RAJENDRA YALLAPPA PATILIndependent47224740.04
47SHIVARAJ NARAYAN PATILIndependent46904690.04
48SANJAY SHIVAPPA KAMBLEIndependent46124630.04
49NITEEN DHONDIBA ANANDACHEIndependent45804580.04
50VIJAY LAXMAN PATILIndependent44514460.04
51SUNIL GUDDAKAYUIndependent43734400.04
52NILKANTH MAHADEV PATILIndependent42224240.04
53PRANAM PRAKASH PATILIndependent41514160.03
54SANDIP VASANTH LADIndependent39884060.03
55RAMCHANDRA DATTOBA PATILIndependent38913900.03
57SURESH KHEMANA RAJUKARIndependent28312840.02
58VIJAY KRISHNA MADARIndependent24902490.02
 Total 119911761121205229

5 thoughts on “Angadi makes a historic win with a margin of over 391304”

    MODI JI makes a historic win with a margin of over 390753 through a dummy candidate called…Angadi
    Angadi is just the rubber stamp. Good for nothing.

  2. Belgaum has voted for Modi and not Angadi. He should remember that all times. There has been no contribution as MP last two times. All he has done is growing his own institutions and business . He is no different than many other MPs in the past. Hope he gets the message and works for his constituency at least now.


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