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Each booth in Belagavi will have 4 Ballot Units

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The Belagavi Loksabha has 57 candidates, the highest number in Karnataka and hence each polling booth will have FOUR Ballot Units (or commonly called EVM).

The current set consists of a Ballot Unit, VSDU, Control Unit and a VVPAT unit each.
Each EVM can accommodate names of only 16 candidates (or 15 candidates plus NOTA) and as here we have 57+ NOTA to be accommodated 4 Ballot units will have to interconnect to the control unit and VVPAT unit.

The constituency has 2,064 polling stations and 8,256 EVMs are needed excluding additional EVMs needed for emergency use in case of technical issues.

The polling officers are been trained to handle 4 Ballot units at once and also this would require more space during the counting process.

The Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti has fielded 48 independent candidates to get the nation’s attention to the Karnataka Maharashtra border dispute.

Belagavi will vote on April 23.

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