You can still vote even if your name is deleted and is mentioned in ASD list


Belagavi will vote tomorrow and now each one is trying to find his/her name in the voter’s list. Many have been unlucky as their names have gone missing.

Now if your name has been deleted but you can vote only if your name is deleted and mentioned in the ASD (ABSENTEE, SHIFTED & DEAD VOTER LIST) list.

So if your name is missing but is there in this ASD list which is kept with the presiding officer, you will be able to vote.



Voter to produce EPIC or permitted photo document, Presiding Officer to verify personally

Thumb impression in addition to the signature to be obtained in Register of Voters (Form 17A)

Presiding Officer shall maintain a record and give a certificate at the end of poll about electors allowed from ASD list

You can still vote even if your name is deleted and is mentioned in ASD listAs per the Presiding officer’s handbook –
18.1.2. In order to prevent impersonation at the time of poll, the Commission has directed the

following procedure – List of ASD voters should be prepared polling station wise and it should be ensured that each Presiding Officer should be provided with a separate list of Absentee, Shifted and Dead electors (ASD List). On the day of poll, in order to cast one’s vote, the elector, who is in such list, shall have to produce EPIC for his identification or any one of the alternative photo documents, if permitted by the Commission. The Presiding Officer shall verify the identification document personally and the details properly registered by the polling officer concerned in the Register of Voters in Form 17A. The First Polling Officer shall inform the Polling Agents about the ASD elector who has come to vote by reading out his/her name loudly. Thumb impression of such electors shall also be obtained in addition to signature against the column of “signature/thumb impression” of Register of Voters (Form 17A). The thump impression shall be in addition to the signature even in the case of an elector who is a literate and can sign. A declaration shall also be obtained from the ASD electors in the format at Annexure 16. Presiding Officer shall maintain a record and give a certificate at the end of the poll (to be kept with Form 17A for scrutiny) that so many electors from the list of absentee and shifted electors were allowed to vote after proper scrutiny.

So if the name is missing or has a mention DELETED in the Voters list, then one has to approach the Presiding officer, Show his identity proof and then after verification, the vote can be cast as usual.



  1. Presiding officer is unable to avail the hierarchy for above information. So the result was the voter went back without casting her vote.. there were almost 12 around me today at B.ed. college kaktives.
    As far the rule is concern it is only for reading not for implementation. Jai hind


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