Balkrishna theater to make way for a shopping complex

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Photo Sandeep Chandgadkar
Photo Sandeep Chandgadkar

Single screen thetares are slowly disappearing from the city’s limelight, and the latest one to join is Balkrishna Theater owned by the Acharyas’. For a cinema-crazy nation such as ours, this change in the way we see films is no less a change in the way of life — in our urban landscape, since most of these theatres were really striking buildings.

The 40 year theater which served cine goers with mostly the best of Hollywood movies, in the recent past could not with stand the new entrants in the field we guess.

In the whole country single screen theaters are making way for multiplexes but to it again Belgaum/Belagavi has been exception with newly renovated Swaroop and Globe doing brisk business as the multiplexes. The recent single screen closures include Huns, Nartaki where both will be developed as commercial complexes.

Sources have told AAB that the entire place would be developed as a commercial complex which extends from earlier SriKrishna Theater which was also closed.

Sayonara to Balkrishna.

4 thoughts on “Balkrishna theater to make way for a shopping complex”

  1. Let the owners build a new Shopping mall with smalll capacity multiplexes like in Mumbai,where Max Cinemas,FunSquare CINEMAS and Mukta Cinemas which belongs to Producer/Director Subhash Ghai who is operating Cinemas in Panvel ,Sangli and Gulbarga in Karnataka.

  2. My entire childhood went into running inside Balakrishna theatre .as a playground ……My family owned Balakrishna . theatre . RIP


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