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Bid adieu to Huns theater

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Huns theater from which the road also got its name as Huns Talkies road has finally said Bid adieu to Belgaum today after a small function was held at the theater today evening.

The Pardeshi Brothers had started this theater way back on 17 December 1944 and was one of the oldest theaters in town.huns

The Huns theater land was on lease from the Devang Math, and after lease period has expired the trustees of the Math have decided to take possession of the land.

Since last June the theater was closed and now the old building will make the way for a multi storey building.

Huns was a very popular theater where Marathi films were screened. The Gandhrava Natak troupe of Bal Gandharav also performed here. The theater has seen some fabulous movies to packed houses that of Dada Kondke, Maherchi saadi etc. which went for years.

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  1. Have found memories of chitra and huns talkies feel sad but things have to change for good or bad. And this is the changing face of bgm. Hope the complex will retain Huns word.

  2. So sad, we had seen so many Marathi and Hindi Movies too (Asha e.g.starring Kishore Kumar and Vaijanthimala ). It was fun watching movies in Huns and Chitra. I hope a mini theater by the same name will be a part of the new Building. The Huns galli has its own Identity which will never change.

  3. interesting how you give soo much prominence to marati related news.. given a single chance to downgrade kannada and karnataka you will not miss the opportunity, have seen that even in case of reporting accidents related to ksrtc buses.. u deliberately mispell kannada movie names etc.. grow up dude.. devr olle buddhi kodli nimage..

  4. I remember watching movies at Huns theater it was good. Looks small from outside but huge from inside. Now that a Multi-storey building is coming up in that place it should have a small theater of the same name within the same building may be at least 200 or 250 seater. It would be great. Well any way miss you Old Huns.

  5. Sad. Such an old landmark saw closure. Very sad. But that’s what life is- old should give way for new. Even when Huns came up, something else would have given way to it.

  6. In fact the road itself is know as Huns Talkies road.
    I am sure most of us must be having memories of watching movie with Family and Friends here.


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