Big Cinemas Kapeel hikes ticket prices on a differential basis

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Nothing comes cheap (except of liquor now days that too at MRP) vegetables, groceries you name it and prices have risen. On weekend people try to get out this worry by watching a movie and now Big Cinemas Kapeel have hiked prices of tickets as well.biglogo

The new prices are Rs.60, 90 & 120 for the Silver, Gold & Platinum classes respectively. Earlier the same was Rs.60, 80 & 100.

One more thing to be observed is that prices may not remain same for all shows and all movies.big60big90

See the images for a comparison, Date: Wed 30 December evening show

For Avatar the prices are 60, 80 & 100 and for 3 Idiots 60, 90 & 120. So on the same day same timing almost you pay more for some and less for others, and to the common man this price discrimination is not understood.

On weekends and holidays, the 60, 90 & 120 prices prevail whereas on some other days and some select movies the 60, 80 & 100 will prevail.

In addition, a notable thing mentioned to this blog was that when you go to the counter to book the silver class ticket, we are told it is sold and forced to buy a upper class ticket, and when inside the Silver class is half empty.

“All is well” for Big cinemas but “All is not so well” for common man.

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