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Big cinemas online ticket booking stopped due to Local statutory permission/regulations

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Mr. Vishal Kulkarni had emailed Mohit Dubey, Head – Quality & Revenue Enhancement Adlabs Films Ltd. asking the reasons for the withdrawal of the online booking for Belgaum Kapeel.

I fail to understand in this day and age, where we have to embrace new technology and move ahead you people are moving backwards and forcing people to queue up in front of your theaters and go through all the inconvenience.

Online booking is beneficial to you people also… you can reduce costs of having multiple ticket counters and hiring extra people to manage the queues.”

  To that Mr. Mohit Dubey has replied which is strange to me and just don’t understand this. Civic authorities don’t have anything online except for online complaint booking, and if someone is using technology for the better, there are these hurdles.

“We apologize & regret the inconvenience being faced by you do to non-availability of On-line booking for Tickets/seats to Big Cinemas at Belgaum. However the mentioned service withdrawal is due to Local statutory permission/regulations, on which our dedicated team is already working, we hope to restart the On-line Ticket Booking facility for Big Cinemas Belgaum Very Soon, wherein you will have the convenience of booking the seats of your choice for your favorite movies at Big Cinemas Belgaum.”

Hope the Civic authorities understand.

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