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Lakshmi Rai was born in Bangalore and was brought up at Belgaum, Her dad was into business and her mother is a homemaker. She was the youngest of the three daughters to her parents. She did her studies at Belgaum and was indulged in either modeling, dancing right from her high school days. She tried hard and got the ‘Miss Belgaum’ title for 2 years from 2002 to 2004.

In the TOI an interview is published where she says, “I moved to Belgaum after completing my primary schooling in Bangalore. During my high school days, I was more interested in the cultural activities. When I was in class eight, actor Padmini Kolhapure graced our annual day function. She had recently opened her acting school and I was completely bowled over by the thought of getting into showbiz, My parents wanted me to complete my studies, but since I’d got into modelling and also ended up winning the Miss Belgaum title, I had to discontinue my studies. So my journey into showbiz began in Belgaum.”Lakshmi Rai 01

Speaking about her stay in Belgaum the lovely actress says, “There’s something wonderful about the city. It is so peaceful, the people are warm and affectionate and it makes for the ideal setting when one wants to retire and just enjoy life at its own place. Its proximity to beautiful holiday spots is an added advantage. I love the food here. Small eateries whip up the best chaats. The other thing that I love is kunda. Everytime I head back to Mumbai from Belgaum, my luggage consists of more kunda than clothes.”

For Belgaum she further says, “Belgaum offers some quality educational institutions. This is a reason why you’ll find some of the brightest young minds from across the globe studying in the institutions. With the city being recognized as the second capital of the state, it shows the progress it is making,”

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  1. Belgaum is good but belgaum people now a days are very bad. And very selfish. I know belgaum more better than laxmi. Laxmi plz dont believe people of belgaum now a days.

  2. It’s not just Belgaum folks that have changed as the trend in today’s fast world is itself changing too rapidly for anyone’s comfort. Values alone and beliefs have undergone a sea of change. One needs to spread love and not hate culture which we see has engulfed society which has sadly made more people intolerant.

  3. Namma belagavi. veerara veer Rani Great Rani Chennamma. Chennamma madida kelsana eegina politics ge madalu asadhya. But. Metro city belagavi aaglebeku. !. Dumm idare karnataka politics ge dikkara haakri.


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