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Singham Shows called off

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Hindi Movie Singham staring Ajay Devagn were called off from Inox and Big Cinemas as in scene Ajay Devgan seems to insult the Karnataka people.

The scene seems to come at duration of 1 hour 23 mins in the movie where Ajay Devgan in a dialogue says.

The KRV approached the theater owners and they decided to call off the shows.

Shows in Hubli have also been stopped.

The movie could be shown again after the scene has been edited said the theater owners.singham


13 thoughts on “Singham Shows called off”

  1. Nope, What an issue, it is political!?? its stupidity, come on a film with a dialogue.. an issue to flare up is no good ! just chillax and relax, might be the scene sent some wrong info and we all watching got it wrong! NO ISSUES, was no need to flare it up, One question I'd like to ask is… Who Fund's KRV? MES? Where they get money for people on demonstration! it must be someone behind them making it !!! Hey belgaumites, lets not turn anything into an issue, they all want us in trouble, we'll not entertain them at all!

  2. Mr. vidhyindian….. First try to be responsible citizen…Ppl should not hurt other peoples sentiments and state in a Movie…The bloody Actor Prakash Raj and Dirtector are basically from Karnataka Origin wise…even though they stay in mumbai it does not mean they can make fun of other State in any way….especiallly in movies it has its own negative effects on the masses mostly the young guys..


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