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100 Feet Monumental flag installed at Belagavi Railway Station

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In order to instill a sense of patriotism amongst citizens of India 100 feet flag has been provided at Belagavi stations by SWR on the eve of Independence Day 2019.

Out of the 75 stations selected all over Indian Railways for fluttering magnificent national flag in their premises three stations of SWR i.e., KSR Bengaluru, Yesvantpur have already been mounted.

However, SWR has taken initiative to provide same at Hubli and Mysuru also being Divisional HQ.

After Shri Suresh Angadi has taken over as Minister of State of Railways, he has given much importance to improving amenities and appearance of Belagavi station. Belagavi has a rich history and heritage. This is a Station visited by Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhiji. Also, the role of Belagavi in the freedom struggle was prominent. Even to this day, all programs at Belagavi portray patriotic fervor.

belagavi-station-100-feet-flagIn order to showcase the importance of Belagavi in the freedom struggle, Hon’ble MoSR has directed for provision of the monumental flag at Belagavi station.

The height of mast with the flag is 100 m & it’s called monumental flag.
• The flag is of 20 ft x 30 ft
• The cost of total installation is approx Rs. 15 lakhs.

This flag is hoisted on circulating area of the main entrance. This work has been completed to coincide with 73rd Independence Day.

3 thoughts on “100 Feet Monumental flag installed at Belagavi Railway Station”

  1. The only sad part is that there was once a ? at the station near the entrance where people used to take shelter, it had the cool breeze at summers.That added charm but then now I see is the barren soil I feel the station life less. I feel the sadness. I feel the charm n beauty of the station has withered away with the ?

  2. It’s a proud moment for the people of Belagavi. Concerned authorities should ensure the maintenance and respect of our NATIONAL FLAG. Rule says it should follow the Reveille (raising the flag in the morning time during Sunrise) and Retreat (retirement of the flag in the evening during sunset). But God knows whether this procedure will be followed or not.

    Jinesh Upadhye (Ex Army)
    Belgaum 9241773110


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