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10000 Facebook Fans

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Hip Hip Hurray! AllAboutBelgaum has achieved 10,000 fans on Facebook! The page was launched on June 23, 2009.

Guess what? To celebrate this great occasion, we have initially decided to sponsor some vouchers and gifts but at this moment we thought it fit to support “Aadhar orphanage” which needs monetary support to retain the house they are housed in. (Aadhar kids on the verge of getting orphaned again)
As a small contribution from AAB, we have donated Rs.5000 to Aadhar orphanage.
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Sorry folks the 10,000 fans celebrations could not be as we had wished and planned, but yes if we all can help those kids stay where they live now, no happiness is larger than to see those wonderful faces smile.

And yes 4th Anniversary celebrations will continue on the Site.

Thank you !

9 thoughts on “10000 Facebook Fans”

  1. Why not all those 10,000 people come to AAB office and donate at least 10/- and make this a momentous day….??? What more can we ask for???

  2. Congrats to all..!
    Its a nice way to celebrate this occasion….
    I second the thought of Ameet Joshi..
    Can we do something to collect money fro all the fans for a noble cause..?


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