11.93 crore fees to advocates for Mahadayi dispute

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RTI activist Bhimappa Gadad of Belagavi recently released the data that over Rs.11.93 crore fees was paid as professional fee to eleven advocates, including three Advocate Generals arguing for Karnataka before the Mahadayi Water Dispute Tribunal since the hearing on the dispute commenced covering the period 2012-13 to 2015-16.rti-advocate

The highest fee of Rs.2,60,30,000=00 was paid to senior advocate F.S. Nariman

M.B. Zirali (Belagavi) – Rs.80,49,499

Mohan V. Katarki – Rs.2,41,58,828

S.S. Javali – Rs.1,14,52,900

7 thoughts on “11.93 crore fees to advocates for Mahadayi dispute”

  1. Inspite of paying such a high fees …y r are people still on strike ….?
    if the results of these ppl so poor ….y are they paid so high ?
    If charity is expected from doctors to treat poor patients…..y these ppl not doing some charity to poor farmers ?
    If better this money distributed to needy farmers with loans …at least they vl stop the strike ….

  2. Right swapnil, shame on people
    Congratulations to all advocates, farmers ke ghar roti pake ya na pake inke ghar whisky chiken banega hi, farmers suicide kare to kare aur achha hai inke liye unki chita ki aag pe inke roti to sekhenge

  3. Gurugalu Sadbuddhi yannu dayapalisali… Kudiyuva neeru, usiraduva ghali, tinnuva Anna aaa bhagavantana prasada endu nambida janara kaiyannu bidabedi Poojya Vakeelare… Devaru ellarigu olledanna maadali..Jai Gurudev


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