12 Bangladeshi’s taken into custody from Devraj Urs colony


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12 Bangladeshi citizens who were residing at a house in Devraj Urs colony have been taken into custody by the police. It is said they were staying without valid documents.

The Bangladeshi taken into custody include a woman and three minor boys. They were said to be working at the meat processing centre at Auto nagar.


The police has to officially declare their arrest.

It may be recalled that about 4 months ago 13 Bangladeshi citizens were arrested who were working in Auto nagar and The Belagavi police commissionerate will hand over the case details of the recently arrested Bangladeshi infiltrators to the Internal security department (ISD).

DGP R K Dutta has instructed that a through investigation of the matter is needed and hence the case has been now transferred to the ISD who will look into all the details of the case.

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