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13.85 crore spent on 10 days Session at Belagavi

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The winter session of the Karnataka legislature was held for 10 days in 2018 and RTI reply sought by Bhemapa Gadad shows that Rs 13.85 crore was spent for the same.

The session was conducted for merely 40 hours, 25 minutes, from December 19 to 22.

Rs 4.42 crore was paid for the legislators’ stay, with VIPs and officials staying in 67 posh hotels in and around Belagavi city.

Rs 2.61 crore were paid as travel allowance although Suvarna Vidhana Soudha is located only 8km from Belagavi city at a rate of 2500 per day.

Fairfield Marriott (Rs 60.77 lakh), UK-47 The Fern (Rs 47.46 lakh), Hotel Keerti (Rs 31.38 lakh), Hotel Eefa (Rs 22.50 lakh) and Hotel Sanman Deluxe (Rs 20.82 lakh).

For every hour, the government spends an average of Rs 3.37 lakh to hold the winter session of the state legislature for 10 days in Belagavi.

Expenses for holding a session at Belagavi-

2013 – 8 crores

2014 – 14 crores

2015 – 13 crores

2016 – 16 crores

2017 – 31 crores

2018 – 13.85 crores

3 thoughts on “13.85 crore spent on 10 days Session at Belagavi”

  1. Dear chief minister and the legislators whoever, plz do not waste public money on your winter session. Plz use your salary to stay like common people and utilise the said amount for the benefit and progress of the common man. After all you are using the money from the exchequer. If you fear for your lives then you don’t have the trust of the people. If you have their trust you don’t need to have security. Get the point.

  2. Citizens haven’t elected you crazies to eat up or waste their tax money on your luxuries. Come to your senses and let your consciousness get hold of your heart, your soul as well as your mind.

  3. All MLA and Ministers,
    Should pay from there pocket of Hotel and Travel and food for expenses.
    As they will get salary paid every month.
    Only govt official employees,Should paid expense of 10 days.
    To reduced cost, Better use Belgavi, Dharwad and Baglkot govt employees.
    Oh God ₹31 Cr for 10 Days in the 2017.
    Who was Chief Minister that time, He might be enjoyed Belgavi and near places.


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