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23 persons arrested in connection with Monday night violence

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As of Tuesday morning the police have arrested as many as 23 persons in connection with the violence and stone pelting at Khadak Galli, Jalgar Galli, Khade bazar on Monday night. 

The Market police station has arrested 23 persons and all have been charged under IPC 143, 147, 148, 153 A, 332, 333,307,427,435 353 and 149.

market ps1) Iqbal Wahab Khatri Bashiban Compound

2) Mohammad Yusuf Abdul Rehman Khatri Basanchang Compound

3) Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Aziz Khatri Basibhang Compound

4) Mohsin Bashir Ahmed Jamadar Bashiban Compound

5) Rashid Mujammil Khatri Bashiban Compound

6) Mohammad Isak Hussenji Khatri Bashiban Compound

7) Salman Irshad Ahmed Khatri Bashiban Compound

8) Abdul Karim Mohammad Khatri Bashiban Compound

9) Mahminesh Usmangani Khatri Bashiban Compound

10) Abdul Karim Mohammad Yusuf Khatri . Bashiban Compound

11) Mohammed Younis Maa Baasha Bashiban Compound

12) Shafiullah Abdullah Khatri Bashiban Compound

13) Mohammed Shahrukh Mohammad Majid Mansoori Bashiban Compound

14) Mohammed Varis Mohammad Yakub Khatri Bashiban Compound

15) Shabuddin Fakhruddin Khatri Bashiban Compound

16) Abdulkudusa Mohamap Haroon Khatri . Bashiban Compound

17) Manudin Fakhruddin Khatri Bashiban Compound

18) Mohammad Sadiq Mohammad Ayub Khatri Bashiban Compound

19) Mohammad Siddhi Noor Aftab Khatri Bashiban Compound

20) Mohammad Haroon Abdulrahshad Khatri Bashiban Compound

21) Tabrez Manudin Shahapur Age 19 Kakatiwas Road

22) Abdul Aslam Tashildar, 22 years

23) Arbaaz Khan Pathan 19 years Chandu Galli

These are the persons who have been arrested as of now and police say many more will be arrested in dude course of time.

9 thoughts on “23 persons arrested in connection with Monday night violence”

  1. Punish them in such a way, that nobody should dare to do it again,, entering houses and doing rampage , this is not to be taken. Lightly…….

  2. Editor not a single other religious person was arrested…why only particular community persons arrested…

    Why you question this to Bgm Police Commissioner ????

  3. Please punish these kind of people weather he is from any community and religion. Punish is such a way no other persons should be dare to do this.
    Editor thank you for sharing the names, keep it up. please be in touch with police and it would be good if you update the punishment they are given.

    Weather the person is poor or rich, fruit vendor or IT Engineer, he should know to respect other and their properties.


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