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People are creative and spend their time doing something different. How about putting an Alarm clock inside a Bulb without breaking the bulb?

Impossible, not at all says Basavaraj S. Mavinakatti who has successfully put an alarm clock inside a bulb with breaking the bulb. He is a 6th semester Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Gogte institute of Technology Belgaum.

Basavraj got this idea one day and he decided to take up the hard task and fit the entire alarm clock inside the bulb.

The clock is perfectly working, showing accurate time and also giving alarm bell. This component have been assembled through the small opening of the bulb which has the diameter of just 1.5 cms. This wonderful work of Mr. Basavaraj has been selected for Limca Book of Record – 2013.basavrajalarminbulb

The following photo will show the all dimensions of bulb and the clock which is fitted inside the bulb.

1.The total width of the bulb=8.3cm

2.The total height of the bulb=14cm

3.The width of opening of the bulb [dia of holder mouth]=2cm

4.Length of sides of clock=5.7cm

5.Diagonal length of clock=7.2cm

6.Thickness [i.e dist between top and bottom panel of clock]=2cm

The management of Karnataka Law Society, Principal, Staff and Students of GIT congratulated Mr. Basavaraj for this achievement.

16 thoughts on “Alarm clock in a Bulb”

  1. So Cool & was very hard to achieve…… It proves that Nothing is Impossible, If we work hard to do the same will all our efforts———–Direct Dil Se……….. 🙂

  2. Engineering at its best .. Nothing is impossible for a engineer and Basavraj has proved it..Proud to be engineer !!!

  3. great dude, i was already knowing tht u wil do something like this one day le,once in puc u had made a chain in chock piece remember? Tht day only i came to kno tht u r going to do some record which cannot be broken by anybody….congratulations dude m very much proud to say tht my friend BASU did Limca record dude….best of luck dude go ahead…


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