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3 accidents in Two days all involving trucks

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In TWO days we have seen 3 accidents involving TRUCKS with two deaths, APMC road, Sampige Road Vishveshwrayya nagar and today Sangolli Rayana Circle Belagavi.

In all the accidents the HTV have been the cause of deaths, ofcourse it is yet to be established who was at fault the bike rider or the Truck driver.

truck-accidentAgain non wearing of helmets is a cause of concern at the same time Traffic Management at the circles is not visible. We do see officers standing in 2-3 and then collecting fine but a few could be used to manage traffic at Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle and other circles.
The Riders/drivers may be at fault, but this is also a issue of traffic management and how steps can be taken which will ensure smooth flow of traffic needs to assessed.

Setting up a high end Command control centre is dream come true but regular traffic management is a must which we seen to be lacking for years.

We haven’t seen a Police constable at Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle for years now WHY? There are accident prone spots which have been identified but nothing has been done to prevent more accidents from happening.

A life is lost, we post RIP messages but for the family he could be the only bread earner and after the incident their entire life is changed.

Accident is an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, but there should be something the Authorities need to look into for managing the traffic.

Again dearth of staff has been a major issue for the police to have sufficient staff to manage the circles.

Pointing fingers towards one is an easy job after an incident, but we all have to stand up and realize, today it was someone else; what if it was me or my family member ?

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  1. Wearing Helmet is so much important. Wearing Helmet is for our own safety.People should be made aware of this fact by conducting Road shows, seminars. Only the police or RTO authorities can not enforce the Law. NGOs,prominent persons and social leaders should also extend their helping hand in making the public to wear helmets.

  2. First of all we have to realise that it is us, citizens, have to follow traffic rules strictly. These rules are for our safety. Following lane discipline is must in our city. No matter what type of vehicle it is, our safety our responsibility as well.

  3. First of all we need to ensure we wear helmets ( and don’t blame police for fineing us for not wearing helmet’s).
    Second Follow traffic rules ( we have a habit of breaking traffic rules when there is no police at the signal)

  4. Major concern is people don’t have patience while driving nowadays. Every one is in urgency to over take. They are least bothered whether any vehicle is approaching or any other conditions. Feel very unsecured while driving 2 wheeler. Some start driving from wrong side of road just to save few meters of road. some are busy on mobiles, driving with 1 hand on mobiles. Pathetic.


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