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4 women killed as sugarcane laden tractor overturned

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By uday

The incident occurred in Shedabal village, located in Kagawad taluk, where four women tragically lost their lives while on their way to work as laborers. The devastating accident took place when a tractor, carrying a heavy load of sugarcane, overturned.

The victims of this heart-wrenching incident were Champa Lakkappa Talakkati (45), Bharti Vaddale (30), and Malu Ravasaba Ainapura (55), who unfortunately died on the spot. Additionally, Shekavva Narasappa Sarasai (38), who was rushed to Meeraj Hospital, also succumbed to her injuries.

This incident has left a profound impact on the lives of these hardworking women, who were simply returning home after a day’s work. The tragedy unfolded when the tractor-trailer, burdened with sugarcane, lost control and overturned.


Upon learning of the accident, the local MLA Raju Kage promptly visited the scene and assisted in transporting the injured victims to the hospital. Subsequently, a case has been registered at the Kagawad police station to investigate this distressing incident.

1 thought on “4 women killed as sugarcane laden tractor overturned”

  1. It is unacceptable that such accidents continue to occur, claiming innocent lives and leaving families shattered. We cannot afford to ignore this pressing issue any longer. I urge the responsible regulatory authorities, sugar factories, and farmers associations to come together and urgently draft a comprehensive framework to address this problem.

    This framework must include strict regulations and penalties to discourage the overloading of tractors transporting sugarcane from farms to the sugar factories. We cannot allow profit or convenience to take precedence over the safety of our fellow citizens.

    Every life lost on our roads due to preventable accidents is a tragedy that could have been avoided. We owe it to all the victims and their families to take immediate and decisive action to prevent such heartbreak in the future.

    I urge you to use your platform to shed light on this critical issue and demand accountability from those responsible for ensuring the safety of our roads. Together, we can make a difference and prevent further loss of life.


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