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48 year old passed away from Veerbhdra nagar due to COVID

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On Saturday Belagavi recorded TWO COVID deaths in a day.

A 48 year old from Veerbhadra Nagar during treatment at the BIMS.

He was admitted on Friday with breathing related problems.

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A 79 year old Kudachi Raibag also succumbed to Covid who was admitted to hospital on Thursday.

Now the total COVID deaths toll has risen to 6 in the district.

4 thoughts on “48 year old passed away from Veerbhdra nagar due to COVID”

  1. Belgaum was probably one of the best Covid control districts in Karnataka. But it’s unfortunate that cases have arrived in Belgaum city too. The administration must take immediate steps to contain the pendemic.
    People must understand the following few steps
    1. Don’t go out when you are not required or if you can avoid.
    2. Maintain social distance and wear masks when you are out or when you come in contact with unknown person.
    3. The malls and temples can be closed. One can always pray from home.
    4. The main market can be opened only for traders, and not for the general public.

  2. Very saddening news.
    Rest in Peace.
    May their souls rest in peace
    God help us all.
    Be safe.
    Be responsible.
    And stay blessed people.

  3. District Administration of Belagavi has to act swiftly and seal the Belagavi district borders with immediate effect. Particularly, the influx from MH state has to be stopped immediately. Of late there has been significant increase in plying of private cars bearing MH registration (e.g. MH 09, MH 43, MH 01-06) in the Belagavi city; COVID-19 is just an excuse. Regrettably, rash driving and impatient behaviour of these car drivers have increased in the last couple of years. Belagavi Traffic Police has been informed few times but there is no concrete action in penalising or barring the cars with MH registration from plying in Belagavi. Most people are leaving Mumbai, Thane, Kolhapur, Pune and other cities, and settling down in Belagavi as they are finding the city as safe and comfortable in all aspects. This migration will turn out to be unsustainable in the long run and may cause lot of problems for the Belagavi City Administration. Hopefully, DC would take cognisance of this matter and act as deemed fit, or else COVID-19 due to migration of people from MH state will cause havoc in Belagavi in the coming days.

  4. Irresponsible people were wandering all over the city of Belgavi without regard to lockdown order from the higher authorities on Sunday. Giving order is an easy job but enforcement of that order is totally different scenario! Wake up and punish those who don’t respect the law. It is time to get out of those comfortable chairs and do something to save lives! We have lost precious souls to this Corona virus . Every life matters! God bless!


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