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5 storeyed multilevel car park envisaged by Smart city at Bapat Galli

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The dream project of building a multi level car parking at the Bapat Galli car parking seems to have come out of the box again, this time the Belagavi Smart city has come forward with a new plan.

Smart city has now planned a 5 storied Multi level car parking along with a shopping complex at Bapat Galli car parking area.

The estimated cost of the same is around 10.5 crores.

The new car park when ready could have parking space for 150 cars/bikes and this project will be under PPP.

Bapat Galli Car Parking Belagavi

The first plan for a multi level car park at this place was made in 2006. Since 2006 for one or the other reason the construction of the said multi level car park could not start.

In 2017, a special grant was made under the Special 100 crore and tender was allotted to a Mumbai based company but with GST was implemented the company backed out. The said company had also applied to the forest department for cutting of 17 trees in the area.

In 2019 the 4.5 crores fund was transferred to AMRUT funds.

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  1. Even KLE hospital and the city authorities need to very seriously think of having a multilevel parking inside the KLE parking area. All vehicle 2 & 4 wheelers are parked on the road causing inconvenience to the road users. The hospital authority is only interested in keeping their premises vehicle free and least bothered of the public using the main road.

  2. This car and 2 wheeler parking should be equipped with fastest ectric charging system as this EV future is meare ahead and charging cost can be availed from consumer and increase in revenues with early payback returns under PPP model


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