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50 E-Rickshaw’s to be on Belagavi Roads under Smart city plan

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Belagavi Smart City Ltd, the special purpose vehicle (SPV) for the Smart City project, has floated a tender for selection of an agency to implement the e-rickshaw project under the Centre’s Smart City Mission programme.

The 50 e-rickshaws will ply on select routes, this will be part of an umbrella plan towards improving air quality.

Under the Smart City Mission, cleaner options for intermediate mode of public transport will be launched in Belagavi. The aim is to introduce a clean source of transport, along with improvement in the livelihood of cycle rickshaw peddlers by operationalising e-rickshaws – a new mode of transport, with flexible routes and lower fares, compared with an auto rickshaw.

erikThe E-Rickshaw Special Purpose Battery operated three wheeler passenger carrier will be equipped with a portable fire extinguisher and display panels to display BSCL Logo which will have Lithium Ion Battery technology 48V, 80Ah with a Charge Cycle life of minimum 1500 times or equivalent and will carry 4 passenger + 1 Driver.

The e-Rickshaws should have GPS tracking devices installed which can be tracked through the Centralized Control and Command Centre being developed by BSCL.

With the aim to ensure smooth mobility and good air quality, Belagavi Smart City Limited has floated a tender for the implementation of an e-rickshaw project in the city.

The smart city mission driving the contemporary urban discourse in India also focuses heavily on tech led mobilities. In a document titled National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence#AIFORALL, released in June 2018, NitiAyog has identified smart cities and smart mobility as two of the areas of focus for AI intervention with zero-emission vehicles as a top priority. 

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