Only 39 make to the assembly Where are the ministers and the MLAs

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The quorum bell of the Assembly rang for nearly 30 minutes as there was no adequate number of MLAs to commence the session on Monday.

About 39 members were in attendance and later the strength grew upto 58.

When the assembly took up the discussion on the issues of North Karnataka not even 50 members were present in the hall.

empty-svsIt must be said that each year the crores and this time 31 crores are been spent on the entire session, and many would ask on whom and for what?

About 1700 hotel rooms were booked, which were insufficient and another 300 were arranged. Many marriages which were to be held during this session time were shifted or postponed due to non availability of accommodation.

So where are the MLA’s and MLC’s for whom all this circus, if we can call it so was arranged for.

4 thoughts on “Only 39 make to the assembly Where are the ministers and the MLAs”

  1. It’s shameful of this guys… Can we as belgaumites push the government to put the suvarna soudha to better use by shifting government offices there….

    • Absolutely agree with you Mr. Shailendra.
      First of All the “Inspection Bungalow”, which is the main cause of Traffic near Bus Stand to be removed & shifted. It is occupying unnecessary space and no one is objecting. And later all the Government Offices.

  2. What a waste of 31 crores we know that heafty amount is for their vacation in Belgaum to chill out. Instead that money could be utilized for belgaums development. A big NO V don’t want any future assembly session don’t come to Belgaum instead give that amount v the citizens of Belgaum wanna develop our city. V don’t need u any more shift all govt Offices there expand road where needed


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