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6 lakhs robbed from Laxmi nagar

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Two people made way into the House of Redekar’s situated at Parijat marg Laxmi nagar Hindalga saying that they know the whereabouts of their missing son.

And the duo looted robbed about 20 tolas of gold from the house and fled away.

loot-ganeshpurloot-ganeshpurBoth the robbers had covered their face with mask.

Rohan Redekar is missing since 3 years and the robbers used this link to enter the house.
Renuka Redekar was alone in the house and as soon the robbers entered the house they caught her and tied her up.

The robbers while leaving the house also said that Rohan has gone very weak and we know where he is and they fled away from the spot.

The police is investigating the matter.

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