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64 years Jadeja rides 1600 kms on Bicycle

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For the past 15 years Surendrasinh Jadeja who is now aged 64, has been cycling for long tours and he loves ride the cycle, and the best part at the end of the tour he gifts the bicycle poor needy kid, especially the ones going to school.

Midway of his tour from Baroda in Gujarat to Bengaluru covering a distance of about 1600 km, he crossed Belagavi on Tuesday. He plans at-least 2 to 3 long distance tours on his bicycle every year.

Surendrasinh Jadeja
Surendrasinh Jadeja

He began his tour from Baroda to Bengaluru on June 15 and had covered more than a thousand kilometers journey when he reached Belagavi. He will hand over the bicycle to a poor needy kid in Bengaluru and will return to Baroda by train.

Surendrasinh Jadeja by profession is a freelance translator (dealing in eight languages). His family is always very encouraging and they have always supported him in his tours. He a noted painter (artist), Gujarati poet and musician. He retired as a Senior Stenographer at Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited in 1992.

There have been occasions where the Dhaba owner had given him room to rest and also served him food and did not charge anything, Jadeja said India is a country of lovely people they help you even if they dont know you.

His day begins very early at about 4 AM and he rides upto 7.30PM. In the afternoon, after having lunch, he ensures that he takes rest by sleeping for about an hour. And the rest he takes is under some tree or on the roadside. Surprisingly, rains do not stop or create hurdles for Jadeja from resting, who sleeps in raincoat during day time. In night he prefers to book lodge for sleeping.

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