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7720 Licensed Weapons Deposited Ahead Of Elections in Belagavi dist

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By uday

To ensure law and order during the assembly elections, licensed firearms are being deposited in local police stations. Across Belagavi district, 7720 guns have been collected, with Belagavi district having the second-largest number of licensed firearms after Bengaluru.

Within the Commissionerate’s jurisdiction, there are 1535 licensed firearms, while the District Superintendent of Police has 6185 guns under their jurisdiction. In response to the District Election Officer and District Collector’s order, licensed guns are deposited in local police stations to maintain peace during the elections.

Kakti Police Station has the highest number of guns under the Commissionerate’s jurisdiction, followed by Malmaruti and Belagavi rural police stations. All firearms for agricultural protection and self-defense will remain in police stations until the elections end. The code of conduct will be enforced in the district until the elections are over, and carrying guns during this time is restricted.

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It is important to obtain an official acceptance letter when depositing your weapons at the police station. After the election results are announced, the guns will be returned to their owners within eight days. This order does not apply to government officials and employees performing their duties, nor to nationalized or private banks and financial institutions if they obtain permission from a security standpoint.

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