A friend in need is a friend indeed

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A person who helps at a difficult time is a person that you can really rely on, A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Dynaneshwar Bedre, a youth from the rural belt of Rumewadi approached the Shri Mahalakshmi Co-operative Society in Khanapur for a loan of Rs.5000.

The officer in the society inquired as to why he wanted this loan and the answer surprised the officer. Bedre told that he wanted the loan to help his friend Rahul Bidrabhavikar of Garlgunji who works along with him in the factory who now needs money for treatment of Kidney failure.

The secretary of the society immediately contacted his seniors and suggested that the bank should also come forward and help the needy when Dnyaneshwar is coming ahead to take a loan and support his friend.

Clockwise- Rahul Bidarbhavikar, Society handing over cheque and Dynaneshwar Bedre

The society came forward and offered Rahul a help of Rs.10000 from the society and at the same time, the secretary of the society Laxman Patil also contributed Rs 2500 personally.

Rahul Bidarbhavikar, from Girlgunji, is ailing from kidney disease and is currently undergoing dialysis at Prabha Hospital and treatment at Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital with the help of some philanthropists and Facebook Friends Circle.

Many philanthropists have come forward and helped Rahul, but treating Kidney ailments is very expensive as Dialysis will have to be done weekly, and also the medicines are expensive.

Rahul’s mother is a daily laborer while his father works in a brick factory. For them, getting good treatment for their son was a distant dream but with the help of Facebook Friends Circle and others they have been able to give him basic needed treatment and he too has responded very well.

Dialysis is an ongoing treatment after kidney failure and one can’t miss even one sitting. This is a costly affair & NGOs could come forward and help Rahul and yes, we have to salute Dynaneshwar Bedre who thought of taking a loan to help his dear friend. Long live their Friendship.

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