A fulfilling gift to Belagavi – UDAN – 12/13 routes operational

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On January 25, 2019 the routes for UDAN 3.0 were announced and it was a happy moment for citizens of Belagavi as 13 routes under UDAN were allotted to Belagavi the highest then to any city.

When all the SpiceJet flights got diverted and we the people in Belagavi started showing a lot of resentment over it, but this criticism raised some strength, in understating to take this battle to next level, the battle to mass and the political class where it needs to be heard rightly and hit strongly.

Blessing in disguise came in when Save IXG campaign on twitter started by Aequs CEO Mr. Arvind Melligeri.

The SaveIXG group pro-actively acted upon its own to get the voice heard at the top most level in Delhi.

Even delegations from here had gone and met the minister’s and secretary of the ministry of civil aviation and they were convinced that Belagavi must be included in UDAN 3.

This campaign was much-needed spark to ignite the fire among we Belagaviites.

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Even during the pandemic once the flight operations commenced Belagavi bounced back with limited number of flights to begin with but then rose upto the third most busiest airport in the state with the maximum passengers and as well as number of flights.

The role of the Director of Belagavi Airport Shri Rajesh Kumar Maurya has also been notable with his keen interest in getting the voices of the common citizens reach the ears of the higher officials of the airlines and the ministry. His keen interest in also showcasing local talent at the airport is another feather in the cap.

Out of the 13 routes allotted to Belagavi only one remains to be operational/announced and that is Jaipur by Star Air. Star Air is also yet to announce the Belagavi Tirupati route but already Trujet has commenced operations on that route.

Routes under UDAN 3.0 for Belagavi

1. Belagavi to Hyderabad – InterGlobe (Indigo), SpiceJet, Turbo Megha (TruJet)

2. Belagavi to Mumbai – SpiceJet, Ghodawat (Star Air)

3. Belagavi to Pune – Alliance Air

4. Belagavi to Surat – Ghodawat (Star Air)

5. Belagavi to Kadappa – Turbo Megha (TruJet)

6. Belagavi to Mysuru – Turbo Megha (TruJet)

7. Belagavi to Indore – Ghodawat (Star Air)

8. Belagavi to Jodhpur – Ghodawat (Star Air)- Announced Feb 16

9. Belagavi to Ahmedabad – Ghodawat (Star Air)

10. Belagavi to Ozar (Nasik) – Ghodawat (Star Air)

11. Belagavi to Tirupati – Ghodawat (Star Air) – Not yet announced, Turbo Megha (TruJet)

12. Belagavi to Nagpur – Ghodawat (Star Air) – Announced Likely March 2021

13. Belagavi to Jaipur – Ghodawat (Star Air) – Not Yet

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  1. Need a flight from Kalaburagi to Mangaluru as there are many students and their parents frequenting this route, for bussiness and studies. There are over 150 catholic Priests and Nuns from Mangalore who also can avail these services as there is only road connectivity ( no train connectivity) bus travel which takes 15 or more hours to reach Mangalore.
    The flight can also be Via Hubli or Belgaum as there aren’t flights from Kalaburagi to Hubli

  2. It is a big blessing to be connected with so many places directly from belgaum.
    It was very inconvenient to travel directly from belgaum.

    Thanks to all the people who made it possible.
    Hoping we get connected with more places

  3. Plz do the direct flight from Belgaum to mangalore. They are so many passengers traveling to mangalore. Plz do direct flight to mangalore and stop connecting flight from Belgaum to mangalore.


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