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A Magnificent Spectacle that could be more

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By uday

The festival season in India is in full swing. The spirits are raised and banners flying high as people from all walks of life and of all ages get together for the annual celebration. There is happiness in the air and colours are plentiful. People gather at designated hours dressed up in all their finery to celebrate what has been an age old tradition. The finest of art is on display as women, men and even little kids take to the streets to decorate spaces with the traditional Rangoli. Quite a spectacle to the eye.

durga mata Duad belagavi
The city of Belagavi is presently busy with celebrating and participating in the Durgamata Daud where young men & women dressed in white carry a torch around the city as eager citizens wait to greet them. The runners are greeted with the traditional “Aarti” and with cheers from the onlookers.

durga mata daud

What stands out the most is the spirit of togetherness. Nothing seems to bind us together than maybe religion or language and associated customs and rituals that have been passed on through generations to represent the rich culture and tradition of our wonderful country.

As I choose to take up my usual stance as a mute and rather amazed spectator, I personally, sort of envy what they manage to accomplish.

durga mata daud

durga mata daud

One wonders what it would take to amass such a wonderfully enthusiastic workforce or rather human resource to stand up for a cause that is beyond ritual. Given the sheer numbers that manage to grace the occasion, we can easily contemplate what could be done if we could put this gathering to work for a long term cause like maybe a cleanliness drive in the city or maybe a plantation drive where people from all walks of life and all religions get together to really make a lasting difference. Imagine thousands of citizens putting aside all differences and running to generate awareness for several issues that need to be tackled.

This wonderful spectacle could definitely be more and do more than just gather once a year.

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