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A Special Green Saviour!!

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When the Green Saviours nursery was commenced at S V Colony Belgavi to store the saplings, they had the humongous task of ensuring that the saplings stayed healthy. The key question then and always is water.

They are eternally grateful to have found a wonderful Samaritan who has silently, behind the scenes been the backbone of our work.

Meet the less familiar face of the Green Saviours team, Mr. Arun Gholse.

WhatsApp Image 2022 06 04 at 3.29.30 PM
Shri Arun Gholse with the saplings at the Green Saviours nursery at S V Colony.

When Arundada found out that Green Saviours were setting up a nursery, he came over and told us not to worry about the upkeep of the saplings. He offered not just to provide the water but also to undertake the watering himself and has been doing this wonderful and often thankless job for over five years. Thanks to his efforts, over 5000 saplings at the nursery stay healthy enough for our planting work. And not just this, he helps with the loading/unloading of the saplings and assists us with rebagging of the saplings as and when required.

In an age where water is a priceless commodity that most would refuse to share, here is a Belgaumite who does it wholeheartedly.

Just as we approach World Environment Day, we wish to convey our special gratitude to this wonderful human and his passion to do his bit for Planet Earth.

Thank you Sir on behalf of the Green Saviours Association, Belagavi city, and the thousands of saplings that you keep alive and healthy.

About Green Saviours:
Green Saviours Association is a Not For Profit Company in Belagavi, engaged in tree planting, ecological restoration, and awareness generation since April 2016.
The team has worked for 320 Sundays without a break and is presently working on agroforestry to supplement the livelihoods of farmers in the Western Ghats. In return, the farmers will help in greening the Ghats by planting trees of native species.

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  1. Arun Dada! A true Samaritan, in more ways than one. His tireless effort and humble nature along with his knowledge of the saplings and trees was a great inspiration, a pleasure and honour to work and learn alongside him at the nursery.


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