A Voters’ 6 Point Manifesto..!!!

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By Suhas Rajput

Amidst all the hyper noise around the penultimate electoral process in Karnataka, major political brains came up with a host of promises through their manifesto. I am sure majority of the promises are purely to lure the aam aadmi to garner votes and succeed to the pole position.

This made me ponder on coming with my manifesto which I am sure a lot of voters would echo the same. Having seen a lot of demands being penned down for years and years by many people, just to see they are not being met. So lets’ get this straight with one Manifesto, demanded by an Honest Tax Paying Voter of this citizen who is terrified by seeing all the ugly spat across every possible channel of communication.

And I say this on record: My VOTE would be given to that party / individual who supports the following points and would also dare to get this in practicality once voted to power (Hint: Enforcing through law is a better option) :

1. The elected representative shall only use the PUBLIC TRANSPORT (within his constituency) to discharge his/her duties.

2. The elected representative shall undergo his medical treatment only and only in a GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL.

3. The elected representatives’ son/daughter would complete their education only and only in GOVERNEMNT SCHOOLS or COLLEGES.

4. The elected representative shall NOT indulge into any form of BUSINESS (even family business) once he holds a public serving position.

5. The elected representative should make himself/herself available ANYTIME to the people of his own constituency barring all ‘so called’ protocols.

6. And lastly, the elected representative should bring in his/her FINANCIALS being published across public platforms on yearly basis.

I am sure these points looks harsh (rather impractical) to many, but this is the need of the hour when I look around the grimy situation prevailing today and certainly in the days to come.

As rightly said by Tony Robbins, If you change nothing, Nothing will change

Suhas Rajput | Director | Proficient Minds, Tilakwadi, Belagavi.

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4 thoughts on “A Voters’ 6 Point Manifesto..!!!”

  1. I have to share my thoughts on the same thing, it’s only possible to the Bachelor assembly members, Y……A…..N…, N….D….M…, ,and few members only 10./’ total strgathe , 90 percentage will makes one or other ways estates for the three generations. Thanks.

  2. This change will occur if you all have faith on Modi because he wants to built our nation as example for neighbouring countries and prove it India is best. Honestly support him will change our lives.

  3. Good one Suhas! Can an elected representative just stop wrong-side-driving in this city given that the transport department has failed to do so. My vote would go to him…


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