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Accident yet again on Congress Road

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Truck bearing No. KA 48 6062 coming from Gogte Circle going towards 1st gate hit a Tricycle moped on congress Road and injured one. Accident occurred at 8.35pm. 

This particular accident, occurred near the Maratha Colony cross (ARUN) on Congress Road; when a tricycle moped broke down in the middle of the road and a young lad came to help move the tricycle from the main road to the side. When this truck ramped in from behind and the young lad was injured mostly on his back as the steel bar at the back of on the tricycle was smashed up. The driver of the tricycle however escaped without any injuries. The driver and cleaner of the truck ran away from the spot. The injured was rushed to the civil hospital in an auto.

 The said truck has been brought aside with the help other truck drivers and now is kept at the Maratha Colony cross road.

 Congress road is becoming a accident zone and at least 2-3 minor accidents occur on the road. The police needs to look at this seriously and take some measures to check the speed of vehicles on the road even when the Max speed limit is 40 kmph.  

The truck was moved to the Traffic police station at 9.48pm

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