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Activists stop wedding after Groom is found to be HIV positive

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It is common in Indian families that they check kundali, family background, financial and social status of the boy or girl before marriage. But it is very rare that the bride and groom undergo a complete health check up before they move forward to lead a new life.

Thanks to the timely intervention of the social activists who were able to stop a wedding when they found that the groom is HIV positive but he hadn’t disclosed the same to his parents.

Safala Nagaratna of Ashraya Foundation Belagavi is one such victim who is suffering for no fault of hers. When she first came to know that she was HIV positive she felt like it was end to her life. She has been living with it for the past 20 years now.

On Tuesday, Nagaratna along with spandana network staff and ART center staff rescued a girl who would be suffering like her later. A boy from village who is HIV positive but he did not disclose this to his parents and agreed for marriage.

On getting this information, Nagaratna with the help of district TB officer Shailaja Tippannavar struggled for two days to counseling and convincing the families of bride and groom about the forthcoming dangers to be faced by both.
According to the new bill of government the bride or groom who hide the HIV status during marriage will be jailed for five years. She succeeded in this and saved the innocent girl from spoiling of her life.

Speaking to AAB, Nagaratna said that parents usually checks kundali and family status before fixing marriage but never thinks of conducting health check ups. But this tendency has to be changed and every parent must get the HIV test done before they fix up the marriage as it is better for them only.

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  1. hats off to you mam and congratulations for your success in saving a life!!! such incidents have been on peak these days ..


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