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Advani inaugurates auditorium and the consecration of gopurams


L K Advani was in the city today and he inaugurated the auditorium and the consecration of gopurams of Universal Temple of Ramakrishna Mission Ashram at the Fort, Belgaum.

He also visited Veer soudha. He left for Mumbai from here.

L K Advani at the Veer Soudha


  1. This auditorium was slated for the inagurated byour Ex president Dr A P J Abdul Kalam .may be he could not get time & proper security arrangement for his Stay & mode of Plane .However it was in the fitness of the things that Shree Advaniji did this . Belgaumites are really lucky to have him since he is now deeply engrossed with the problem of Corruption both at the UPA 2 Level & at his own Party's C M . What he spoke we will be grateful to know from this site.

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