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Advisory Committee Meeting of the Smart city project

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An Advisory Committee Meeting of the Smart city project was held under the chairmanship of DC S Ziaullah at the DC office today where MP, MLAs participated.

Rs 396 crore have been released for the smart city project and the entire proposal approved is to the tune of Rs.3781 crores.

Abhay Patil said that there was no coordination int he area-based development proposal in the Smart city. Most of the works under ABD are in North Belagavi and south has totally been neglected. About 80% is allocated for north while only 20% is allocated for South which is dis heartening.

Advisory Committee Meeting of the Smart city projectThe consultancy firm has not worked in a proper manner and most of the plans are unscientific.
Replying to this, MD of smart city project Kurer said that the proposal has been approved in 2016 and making major changes again to the plan is not feasible as the same has been approved by the ministry of urban development.

DC Ziaullah asked the MD to make a note of all the suggestions and asked the same to be submitted to the state level co-ordination committee.

Satish Jarkhiholi said that suggestions of the elected representatives must be heard and acted upon. Laxmi Hebbalkar demanded that the areas coming under the Corporation limits of Rural constituency must also be included in the Smart city project.

Speaking on the occasion Suresh Angadi expressed grief over the slow pace of work and also works that need immediate attention should be incorporated in the revised or additional plan to be prepared.

4 thoughts on “Advisory Committee Meeting of the Smart city project”

  1. The citizens have a right to know how and where their tax money is utilised on different projects. Projects like the shops near the first railway gate should not have been taken atall. Such blatant misutilisation of the citizens and taxpayers amount, the concerned officials need to be booked for squandering our meagre funds. Projects should be completed within the time frame and no additional allocation to be made to the contractor, in fact he should be penalised

  2. We, the people of Belgaum, for whom it’s don’t know what’s going on. So often we hear of such meetings. What next? We requezt the Central Government and concerned officials to have a ADVISORY BOARD consting of experts and senior citizens to make you people of our actual needs. Members on such committe work volenteraly.

  3. Smart city project keeps on dragging on snail pace with lack of coordination ,lack of planning. Stuck with only meetings, and political games. It is time to wake up and show up at work for which you were chosen by the people to do good deeds as you have promised them you will do.

  4. End of the term for making a smart city is not far with most cities dragging their feet
    Many regular development works are being pushed as a smart city initiative. It appears most of the consultants have miserably failed in assisting SVP s for move in right manner. Wonder whether project planning with tools like PERT CPM ATE BEING USED. Looks like time extension is imperative


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