Advocates raise voice against Belagavi Sub registrar


Advocates under the Belagavi Bar Association complained to the Deputy Commissioner N. Jayaram about the unwanted harassment and unreasonable demands.

advocate-registrarVinay B. Manglekar, president of the Belagavi Bar Association said that the advocates were being ill treated who accompany the clients for registration.

The Sub-Registrar was demanding unrelated documents for registration, which the advocates inferred as the officer’s intention to harass the advocates and pressure them to meet his unreasonable demands.


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  1. Advocates dont have faith in law as they fight cases for others to make their income run . Have seen facts of understanding they only use thoer professional note to fear others in court as they are authorised , u cross them straight they dont stand . as they know well that law is not to have justice .

  2. Dont complain like BABIES…Dear Men in BLACK…
    Instead put a case on sub-registrar and fight it in court,dont you have faith in LAW?
    dont take Shortcuts as you never allow your client to do so and suggest him go through Court only….


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