Aggravated farmers deny to give their land for Ring Road

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In a meeting called by Assistant Commissioner Kavita Yogappnnavar to discuss about the land acquisition for the ring road, the aggravated Farmers they will not give even one inch of their Fertile land for the ring road.

Several farmers were seen in a verbal clash with the officials and a few farmers even brought vegetables grown in their fields and kept it on the table of the officers to make them aware that it is fertile land.

During the meet one letter was circulated in which it was mentioned that in 2011 farmers had agreed to give their land on their own, the farmers objected to this saying when did they sign such a statement.

farmer-ring-raodHundreds of acres of fertile land on which the farmers are making their living will be lost if the land is acquired, hence we oppose this land acquisition the farmers said.

The farmers of Muchandi village were also very aggravated and in fact, one farmer had brought poison and he asked the officials that all farmers are given poison first and then the govt can acquire their fertile land.

675 hectares of land to be acquired for Belagavi Ring Road Includes Fertile Land

2 thoughts on “Aggravated farmers deny to give their land for Ring Road”

  1. What the hell is wrong with the Government? First they have started taking away all forest land in the name of Development. The Leapords n Tigers are coming out of their secure area searching for food because of this n attacking people. Then this same Government kills them. Why ? In the name of Safety of people ? Where will the poor animals go ?

    Now this new Tamasha !! Taking away fertile land from Farmers to build a Road !!

    Good God !!

    Why the hell can they not do development in Land that is useless n lying vacant ??

    Is the Government really interested in Developing the Country or trying to kill people both ways. By displacement of animals n starving the farmers ,by taking away their previous Land ??

  2. Instead of land pooling they can build flyovers with less land acquisition. By this we can win their hearts as they can continue their cultivation as usual..


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