Ajanta Cafe-50 & Going Strong

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by Sameer Majli

Some places are synonymous with the memories associated with them. When the memory is a taste, it takes the pleasure right to the heart. Almost like “Mom’s Cooking” till its replaced with the alter ego of “Wife’s Cooking”, in life.

Today is a day to remember for a super tasty reason. It’s a day to commemorate the special occasion of what is one of the most popular eateries in town, “Ajanta Cafe”. The place today celebrates 50 years of service to the appetites of the citizens of Belgaum. While many others have come and gone or shifted to other ventures, the culinary journey of this wonderful place continues. Generations of Belgaumites have indulged in the wonderful offerings of Ajanta Cafe at Huns Talkies road and with another branch that’s come up at Tilakwadi, the pleasure has been extended to suit the convenience and palates of a greater number of citizens who seek a quick dip into some wonderful offerings dished out by the trusted old name that has become synonymous with quality food.ajanta_belgaum

We at All About Belgaum and on behalf of the citizens of Belgaum would like to congratulate the Sherigar Family on the proud accomplishment. We hope that the magical cooking continues for ages to come as we seek our own share of the wonderful “Puri Bhaji”, “Misal”, “Idli”, “Dahi Wada” and “Masala Dosa”.

What began as a simple venture, a brain child and commitment of one person, has today extended down to another generation as the committed family continues their tasty service to the citizens of Belgaum.

The best way to celebrate, we guess, would be to just drop in and taste the stuff all over again. The trusted old joint guarantees the same taste, hygiene and quality that have been symbolic of its presence in town over the ages. It’s a place and experience that we all could be happy about and proud of. It symbolizes the wonderful things that are representatives of “All About Belgaum”.

3 thoughts on “Ajanta Cafe-50 & Going Strong”

  1. Congrats!!! Best wishes if the occasion. We are very long time patrons of Ajanta Cafe. Quality & hygiene Standards great! Great Food.

    What the owners or the generation Next must look ahead is respect and acknowledgement of its loyal customers. They are so obsessed with cleanliness that the owner once refused to touch a not so soiled currency note, terming it dirty, while the pan shop had no objection accepting it.

    On another instance in Tilakwadi they refused to allow us in family hall behind at on pretext of shortage of staff. They had only 4 tables and we were 16 members mostly ladies. The owner was adamant even when we offered to serve ourselves or do a self service. We then walked over to Uday Bhavan wherein we were treated beyond levels of expectations. These are just two incidents of this great place not to mention takes of many others who We know.

    Congrats on completion of 50 years.

  2. Congratulations to Ajanta Cafe..keep up the good work..vouching for 100 glorious years of service! cheers!! 🙂

  3. Very Best Of Luck Ajanta Cafe.. Love You Allot.. Many of Childhood Memories With This Restaurant..? cnt forget.. ! Thank Uh so so much.. ! Keep It Up..?


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