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All closed roads in cantonments will be reopened immediately

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Based on the meeting convened by Raksha Mantri Smt Nirmala Sitharaman with Members of Parliament and elected Vice Presidents of all 62 Cantonment Boards on 04 May 2018, on the issues relating to Cantonments, a detailed review was undertaken by the Ministry on various issues, in particular those relating to closure of roads in the Cantonments. The Raksha Mantri SmtSitharaman has also reviewed the matter with Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat, Defence Secretary Shri Sanjay Mitra and senior officers of the Ministry.

There are many roads in the Belagavi cantonment which have been closed. Many a times locals from here had approached the supreme court and opened roads after the apex court order but after time and again same roads were closed for general public on various grounds.

Based on the review undertaken by SmtSitharaman, as a first step, the following has been decided:

All closed roads in the Cantonments to be reopened immediately.

The issue of closure of individual roads will be reviewed de novo, in conformity with the provisions as laid down, and any closure of roads to be undertaken, will be done only after following the due procedure.

A simplified detailed SOP will shortly be issued to jointly address the needs of the local public and the military establishment.

All other issues raised in the meeting dated 04 May 2018, were deliberated in detail and a time bound action plan is being prepared in consultation with all stakeholders.

The army has stated security concerns for closing roads, while residents have alleged procedure was not followed before closure, which the Defence Ministry seems to have considered in its order.

3 thoughts on “All closed roads in cantonments will be reopened immediately”

  1. We are very happy to hear from you and that the good news to general public. Thanking to the Defence Minister.

  2. The condition hasn’t changed at all.. they still are restricting common public from entering the roads..

  3. Reality is that due army defence only some few places from belgavi cantonment area’s are still green & clean.. full of natural greenary , air & pollution free…nicely maintained noice free & pollution free..otherwise 90% of belgavi has become concrete city


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