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Here is your chance to nominate for the’s Belgaumite of the Year 2011.

You can send in nominations other than the ones mentioned below by 14 December 2011.

After that a shortlisted nominations will be open for voting which will be selected by the AAB panel.

The Belgaumite of the year 2011 would be selected by online voting which will be open to all.

One can nominate any individual who has contributed significantly to the welfare of Belgaum or who has excelled exemplary in his own field in the year 2011. (from January 2011 to December 2011).

Hence readers are requested to nominate by making comments or send a mail to [email protected] with the achievement in short.

The First Phase Nominations:

R.K.Patil, CEO, Vayavya Labs, Belgaum for having received a USD 1 million funding from Indian Angel Network (IAN), one of the leading Angel Investors Nerworks and placing Belgaum on the Global semi-conductor map. 

Atish Jadhav, the specially abled child for having surmounted various odds in winning the Gold Medal in 400 metres Freestyle at the Special Olympiad held at Athens, Greece. 

Rohan Kokane for creating a new World record by  limbo skating a distance of 38.68 metres (126 ft, 11 in)  under cars and therey entering the Guiness Book of World Records.

Sandeep Patil, IPS, Superintendent of Police Belgaum for his exemplary work in reaching out to the people through various initiatives including Janata Darshans,  for keeping the Matka menace under check,  and for maintaining law and order in a challenging environment. 

Event:’s Belgaumite of the Year Award 2011

Owner of the Event: [AAB]

Event management: Personnel from AAB or appointed/engaged by AAB, who are responsible for the conduct of the Event, includes the jury appointed by AAB.


  1. Any individual who has contributed significantly to the welfare of Belgaum in th year 2011.
  2. Any individual from Belgaum who’s achieved a significant feat in the year 2011.
  3. Any individual from Belgaum who’s brought laurels and fame to Belgaum in the year 2011.
  4. Any individual who has made Belgaum proud in the year 2011.

Contestants: Top 15 (if available) Applicants short listed after evaluation by the Initial Jury in Phase 1.
The Top 15 ((if available) will be announced by AAB on on 14th December. Further to this announcement, should the public of Belgaum feel they have names of outstanding achievers who they feel have made significant strides towards securing this award and are not in the initial list of contestants, their names along with their achievements may be sent on or before 14th December 2011 by email to [email protected]

Nominees: Based on the emails received from the readers in the form of nominees that need to be awarded, all nominees achievements and profiles will be carefully evaluated by a hand picked jury chosen by A filtered list of three-ten nominees chosen by the AAB jury will be put on on the 23st of December 2011 for public voting.

Winner: One Event Winner would be arrived at through evaluation by the Final Jury and by means of online voting by the public from 24st December 2011 to 02nd January 2011.

The Prize: The prize would be in form a certificate or a memento

Initial Jury: Group of persons selected by the Event management company & AAB who will evaluate the Applicants, Contestants and Nominees.

Final Jury: Group of persons selected by the Event management & AAB who will evaluate the Finalists.
Conditions: All the decisions taken by and its jury will be final and

20 thoughts on “AllAboutBelgaum Belgaumite of the Year 2011 Phase 1”

  1. In my opinion R K Patil cannot be nominated for such a thing. He is an entrepreneur and running his business for own profitability. It would nice if a person who has worked for development for the city is nominated for such a thing. (Please note that nothing against anybody its just a opinion.)

    • Why not a businessman? RK Patil is the first company to get a such huge funding for a Local company which is dam important. We here are not looking if he is making profits or no, we are looking what he has done for Belgaum. He could have started his company in Blore but he started in Bgm because he wanted to be here, no doubt he has offices in US as well…

      • There are so many entrepreneurs who set business in Belgaum City for Best climate,Low cost of living and Utter most important thing Labour cost is very very low. as compare to Bangalore and US It has nothing to do with Development of Belgaum City.

    • Yes,you are perfectly right.No entrepreneur has nothing to do with all other three nominees. There is no comparison ground when we compare the progress achieved by other 3 nominees .

  2. My vote would be for Sandeep Patil the dashing IPS officer (Belgaum SP). The reason why I am voting for him is he brought all Belgaumites together. The Belgaum is not easy city to handle for any IPS officers but he handled it very well and we saw the results last week. We saw historical moments last week which was not happened for last 50 years i.e integrity in different diversity. All credits goes to Mr Sandeep and his good service (Honesty).

    Keep up the good work 🙂
    We need more people like you.

  3. Hi Congrats to all the nominations. It is really sad that there are no female nominations even though Belgaum has produced a lot of them. I personally would like to nominate Tanvi Doddanavar whom i am sure everbody knows for bringing glory to the city year & year again for the past 12 years. Even this year she is the first sportperson to bring the first national medal for the newly formed Rani Channama University. Hats off Tanvi keep it up. Uday you are doing a great job & my best wishes to you & your team at All About Belgaum. One more request you can have a male & one female award also because you cannot keep the both in one group. All the best

  4. It is mr Sandeep patil, for the first time saw the heroism of a police officer,,,,live…attending to the problems of people directly and ensuring it's resolved with immediate action,,,,,,and restoring faith in police..


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