And Airbus 320 makes a smooth landing at IXG

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The 6th of February 2021 is a landmark day for Belagavi Airport as it saw its first commercial Airbus landing after the Belagavi airport runway was expanded for the same.

The special Indigo A320 with 132 Malaysian Students of KLE USM. The aircraft Arrived from KUL(Kuala Lumpur )to Chennai -Belagavi & will fly back Chennai.

The actual extension of the airport was planned in 1999 and the working airport was closed citing the up-gradation process.


By May 2016 the expansion process was complete and even approval was sought from DGCA but none of the airlines opted for a Airbus or Boeing plane.

Currently all the 25-28 daily flights that take off and land are smaller planes.

The work on the ILS is also due to for completion this fiscal.

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  1. Fantastic , slowly but steadily Belgaum is emerging from its shadow to become a great happening city which its from the beginning only !!


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