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Angadi sets new deadline of 31st Oct, 2018 for Gogte circle RoB

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Today Suresh Angadi, Member of Parliament Visited and inspected the RoB under construction along with cant V.P Mr. Sheikh and Corporation executive engineer Smt.Laxmi Nippanikar at LC No:126A near Gogte Circle, Belagavi and directed the Railway Engineer and contractor to hasten the pace of work and complete it before 31st Oct 2018.

The old British built bridge was closed for traffic on October 14, 2017. It may be noted that the said old bridge was built by the British and work commenced in 1901 and work was completed in 1905.


The time allocated for the completion of the work in the tender is 18 months, hence the contractor is bound to finish the work by April 2019.

As on today, the retaining wall is yet to be completed, then the girders will have to be placed, then concrete, then curing.

5 thoughts on “Angadi sets new deadline of 31st Oct, 2018 for Gogte circle RoB”

  1. Surely you guys do not have a sense of humor. MP-ji was in a lighter mood and was randomly cracking jokes. Shaving off half a year from a ROB construction, that too after checking up on the stage at which it is at the moment and giving a deadline of less than couple of months….I mean, hey, come on, he surely was joking. Give him some credit guys! To give it a sense of seriousness he even was trying hard to hold the designs of the ROB. Cant you see he was trying hard to lighten the day in this stress filled day and age!
    He has also suddenly got active on twitter in the past couple of days and reporting where all he has been ‘shooting’ (pictures as well as words), cant aam janta figure it out that elections are around the corner and all this photo-op of standing on roads (blocking traffic really) and saying how unhappy he is of the road condition when he could have just placed a telephone call to the concerned authorities and put pressure to repair roads? Photo-ops and dramas have began friends. Get used to it for the next year or so 🙂 Whichever party or individuals..its just started 😀
    Disclaimer: am apolitical, but concerned citizen..interested only in good work

  2. A lot of tweets to the concerned + PMO +TOI in the last three weeks for the present situation. This will continue until the RoB is operational. Whether local politicians come or not, interested citizens must visit the site and highlight the situation to the concerned.


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