Annagiri continues

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Entire India seems to be bit by the Anna bug and for good the people by themselves are coming out in support of Anna Hazare and Team. Belgaum is no exception to this, and the craze about Anna amongst the youth especially is amazing.
Day in and day out hundreds of people youth, businessmen, autodrivers, workers are taking out rally daily.
The youth seem to have found a great leader in Anna and each day they dedicatedly gather on time for the rally and candle march.iac18
Today the freedom fighters and citizens forum did a fast at Hutatma chowk. The people who got us independence were really happy to see so many people on the streets by themselves, and one said it recalls me the memories of 1942 quit India movement, where people used to take out similar rallies against the British. Each one is trying to do something.
But some scenes on the bikes with youngsters standing on them, howling and honking all the way was not a good and not appreciated as well. There was some call of a Rail rook as well but it eventually never happened as people on Social media opposed it.
Notable factor in all rallies was the absence of political party flags, and even when a few affiliated youth organizations came with their flags the youth were not so interested. Many said, this is our agitation and there is not entry for any political party.
Even people in the ruling party took out processions but they only held the Tri color and there was no mention about the party, it seems all are being very careful and playing safe.
In all the rush of the rallies a few of the lucky youngsters also found time for love and were seen going around hand in hand, may be this was their way of showing solidarity.
In all the total atmosphere is very electric and in the city area yesterday 4 rallies crossed a single road in just ten minutes.
The use of social media for gathering especially amongst the youth was very notable.

Some of the best slogans shouted at the rallies:

Anna tum aage badho hum tumhare saath hain
Baghtay kai Shamil Vha (just don’t see join us)
Humara neta kaisa ho, Anna Hazare jaisa ho
Vande Mataram
Inquilab Zindabad

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