Another wholesale vegetable market in Belgaum

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The wholesale vegetable market at the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) yard here was inaugurated on Wednesday amid controversy following refusal by a few dealers to shift from the market on Fort Road to the new premises.

The fort road whole sale vegetable market is very congested and also causes a lot traffic jams and congestion. In addition the space is also not sufficient; hence there is a jostle for space by all. The trucks and Lorries stand on the road causing hardships to the regular traffic.

A few dealers are refusing to shift to the new market have their own reasons for their decision. Also, there is speculation that the middlemen, who will be losing their commission if all dealers shift to the new market, are influencing some of them against shifting. All the 150 shops allotted to wholesale vegetable dealers at the new market had been occupied. The Government had initiated measures to set up a separate wholesale vegetable market at a different location.

With the new market you could now get and sell all the vegetables at one place, earlier all the green vegetables were bought and sold at the Fort road market and potatoes and onions were sold at the APMC market. Now that all have come under one roof it should be easier for all to do trade.

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