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Anti encroachment drive after Assembly session

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The anti encroachment drive being undertaken by the city corporation has now been suspended and would be commenced after the Assembly session, that is after December 20. The corporation has listed 746 cases of encroachments on roads, streets, lanes, footpaths and open sites. There are reportedly around 300 cases of encroachments of commercial complexes all over the city.

Encroachments were removed from Udyambag (Khanapur Road), and were removed after a request from the Public Works Department, which had planned to widen this road stretch.

Majorly the encroachments in the South assembly constituency have been removed except for some made by elected representatives who have been given time while others did not get time. In the North not many encroachments have been demolished.

5 thoughts on “Anti encroachment drive after Assembly session”

  1. We applauded Mr.Ravi Kumar but it seems he has also fallen victim to our so called law makers, Why to stop any on going activity when session is in progress. Let all legislators feel and see for themselves Belgaum’s beautification process. They should be taken to a ride through road up to Goa boarder via Anmod to see road conditions through which thousands of commuters travel daily.
    Encroachments of elected representatives should have been removed first to show equality of Law.

  2. north side not correct marking all are corrupted who they want save then all clear property marked .and not necessary to here road widenings.

  3. Gomtesh Automobile Lab is illegal structure in hindwadi (beside family planning hospital), which was erected in just a single night. Does corporation have guts to remove it? Only victims are poor people .. high & mightly remains immune.

    • Papaji,
      If all Belgaumities unite this structure can be demolished in a single night. Since its an illegal structure it can not attract unlawful act on demolishers.

  4. I would love to see Gomtesh polytechnic Automobile lab demolished, But I know nothing is going to happen .. as it has patronage of present MLA. As per corporation town planning there was supposed to be road connecting bhagyanagar but just in one night this Automobile lab popuped up from nowhere.


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