Anuja Mudda runs 60 kms day with a mission to create awareness Child Molestation and Women Empowerment

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On 13th March she would be in Belagavi at Sanklp Bhumi by 8 PM
She would like to interact with women’s organizations and students.

Anuja Mudda started her journey with running over a year ago and has completed 2 full marathons, a few 32 k and several half marathons to her credit. She was also one of the pacers at a running event at the Ficci Flo Marathon in Pune and have made it to the podium at the Puma Urban stampede event in 2015.  

As a woman and humanitarian, she has always felt passionate about women empowerment and children.

anuja-muddaOver the years, there has been an alarming increase in rate of child molestation cases that have been reported. It is shocking to note that in many of the cases the children are abused by their own family members. Repercussions of such instances lead to the child remaining withdrawn and timid with pent up emotions as usually such cases are dismissed by elders in the family. Filled with shame and remorse, such children grow up with psychological scars which impairs their married and sexual life at a later stage.

She plans to promote this cause of Child Molestation and Women Empowerment and raise its awareness by doing a run from Pune to Goa on 8th March 2017.  With this run, she will be covering a distance of 450 km covering three states in 8 days and will be covering 60km everyday.

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  1. Aren’t runners supposed to be fit in order to be a role model for runner’s community.
    many Male runners look like they practice and role models – anybody can identify them.

    on the other side, most of the women do some running with groups in area and receive gifts / sponsors / appreciations.

    Indian society.!
    Cheers, keep running.!


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